Who are we?

Introducing the RMF (Recycled Motorized Force) Club, where the road echoes with the powerful tales of Luxemburg’s Ex-Rumblers Members united by their unwavering passion for pre-65′ HotRods, Kustom Cars, and Motorcycles. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey as we redefine the automotive landscape with a new name and the same fervor for classic rides!

The RMF Club is a haven for those who find inspiration in the revving engines, sleek lines, and timeless elegance of vintage automobiles.

As we transition to RMF, the Recycled Motorized Force, we embrace a renewed commitment to sustainability and camaraderie. Our members, proud custodians of pre-65′ treasures, unite not only in their love for classic vehicles but also in their dedication to preserving the spirit of the open road in an eco-conscious era.

From the gleaming chrome of HotRods to the customized beauty of Kustom Cars and the free spirit of Motorcycles, our club embodies the essence of Recycled Motorized Force — a force that respects the past while driving toward a sustainable and exciting future.

Buckle up for a thrilling ride with RMF, where every journey is an ode to the timeless thrill of the open road!

What do we drive?

What do we do?


We explore the thrilling world of automobiles, traversing the scenic landscapes of Europe and the vast highways of the USA. Our passion takes us to various car meets, connecting with enthusiasts and soaking in diverse automotive cultures. Additionally, we plan and host our own exhilarating car meets, ensuring good times and unforgettable memories for all! Join us on the road to endless adventures and the joy of sharing the love for cars.


Where do you find us this year?